キュウリグサ Trigonotis peduncularis




花はとても小さく直径は2mm程度ですが、園芸植物として栽培される「ワスレナグサ(勿忘草 Myosotis scorpioides)」にそっくりな花です。花(花冠)は5つに裂け5枚の花びらに見えます。裂片の色は淡い青紫色で、基の部分には淡い黄色の付属体があります。それによって、花の中央部に黄色い輪があるように見えます。キュウリグサの花は小さいながらも、ムラサキ科の特徴を十分備えているものなんですね。


【和名】キュウリグサ [胡瓜草]
【学名】Trigonotis peduncularis


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I am from Spain and I'm very interested in plants of tribe Cynoglosseae. I've got a fellow in Japan that is going to send me Bothriospermum tenellum, Trigonotis guilielmi, T. peduncularis and Omphalodes japonika.
My interestings are particularly focused in the"Omphalodes group". Do you know how could I obtain material (leaves from living plants or seeds) of Asian genera like Sinojohnstonia, Microula,Omphalotrigonis and related genera?
I don't know if this matter
Posted by at 2005年04月21日 21:07
I don't if this matter has a place in this forum since I don`t speak Japanese.

Thank you in advance.

Posted by at 2005年04月21日 21:09
Hello Miguel.

I'm hanaboro,this site administrator. I'm sorry,this web site is a content of a personal hobby.

I think that the plants whom you want to obtain are genera that has not grown in Japan. Therefore, I cannot obtain them.

I will ask a well informed friend about the plant classification and the system geography. However, necessary information is not necessarily obtained. I recommend you to ask the university and research laboratories of China.

I'm sorry,I'm not good at English.
Posted by hanaboro at 2005年04月22日 13:27
Hello Hanaboro,

thank you very much for your interest.
I'll try to contact with someone in China (the problem is that I don't know who and where).

P.S.: Congratulations for your website ;)
Posted by at 2005年08月11日 05:27

Posted by フラボン at 2005年12月14日 12:38
Posted by at 2005年12月15日 17:33


Posted by hanaboro at 2005年12月15日 17:55
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